Last last month, Wetseal sent me this criss-cross white top. This top was definitely the big trend last year and still continuing until now. Let me tell you how i come up with this whole look. This time i wanna show my feminine side with the twist of a bit of showing skin, i love this hot criss-cross top details that suit my peg which is sexy it creates flattering, femenine lines and enhances whatever shape you have. paired with officially the comeback of skort, killer strap heels, tote bag from uniqlo and mu fave wrist watch from Anne Klein.
The whole total look which can pull with any occasion such as parties or even meet up with your enemy or your ex. Showing to them how perfectly look good you are. Always remember that we have all style we just need it to embrace it, love it and be confident with it. 


Top : Wetseal

Skort : Korean Brand

Bag : Uniqlo

Watch : Anne Klein

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Photography by my fave bff  Jaira Gabales 

Black Terno

I love terno sets as a change from dresses. Especially when I don’t have time to think about what to wear, I just go with this trend and literally save my whole day. I’m obsessing over this cut out terno with this pure silk fabric that perfectly suit to this hot weather so I don’t have to worry about sweating. The skirt on the waist to show some skin and the flare gently below the knee with subtle pleating. team up with black ankle strap heels, Anne Klein leather black wrist watch, ray ban glasses and Louie Vuitton bag. This whole look is definitely the simple piece that I ensembled, and I’m not surprise that this trend is one of the top of all trend, it’s easy to wear yet very chic and stylish, it made my afternoon better and I definitely recommend to try this to see for yourself! Happy fashion 
Terno from sleeknchic16

Bag from Louie Vuitton 

Spec from Rayban

Wrist Watch from Anne Klein

Anckle Heels Strap from Korean Brand 

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Photography by jaira gabales & nelia joy sixto  

Bambi Falls Adventure 

Last april we celebrated the birthday of my bff in the beautiful hidden paradise called “Bambi Falls”. Before we get to our destination, we went through a lot, but one thing that excites me was the habal-habal; it’s a single bike that can carry two person only because the road was tough, and that’s driver and the passenger. To be honest we are not the adventurous kind of people and we have no idea about the place or what the road looks like at all. We just saw the beautiful picture of the waterfalls on facebook so it’s definitely a whole new thing to us. We took 2 and a half hour ride and we even pass by such a dangerous risky and tricky roads, and it was like a liitle bumpy because rocks on the road are big. But the good thing is, you will be able to see the breathtaking view of the mountain, the green different tress and the smell of fresh air while riding. As we pass by some houses, we can see the simple and peaceful life of people, there was even no electricity or signal there but you can still see that people are contented with their lives even being away from the modern city.  After the hours of riding the habal-habal, we still need to walk, trek and climb the ladder to be able to reach the waterfall itself.

And to be able to witness the beautiful and amazing Bambi Falls. All we just said was “WOW”. We’re speechless at that time because of the rock formation that are really spectacular, and the clear blue water of the waterfalls flows freely, and the water was really cold that you could get your drinks chilled when you soak it. It was a perfect moment that all we ever did was take pictures until our phones are full. That life-risky, long and tiring adventure was all worth it! I definitely recommend this whole experience to those who loves to travel and who loves nature. This one is fit for you guys i swear it’s a must try. 

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Tinago Falls featuring Speedo 

A holy week gate away means time to relax, chill and filming my very first yt channel. We trekked, we did mountain climbing and pass by so many rough and bumpy road before we get to our destination. I’m in love with this place coz its greenery, peaceful, you can get fresh air and enjoy the amazing waterfalls. 

This look is more of fresh nature/ sporty look. I wanted to create something new and come up with this one-piece swimsuit by Speedo. Thing first that i love this swimsuit is the red vibrant color with the mix of black. The details of the back that really caught my eyes was the sexy cut but not too reveling, you know what i mean? So i highly recommend this swimsuit to those who are too shy to bare their skin but keeping you stylish. Im happy with this look to match the nature vibe of this place. Happy summer everyone! ”
Swimsuit  from Speedo

Sunnies from Sunnies

Shoes from Adidas

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Special thanks to Ruthkye, Pamela, and Nelia Joy for helping me with this blog and filming my first youtube channel 

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Parking lot Shenanigans 

Strolling around bacolod city to get along with my friends and suddenly our eyes caught by these super cool undone setup stage scattered everywhere and got the chance to why not try this to my next blog. funny because it’s not like I wanted to be and its far from what I planned for this whole blog.


My whole look is definitely the comeback of plaid and checkered I’m pairing it with grey halter top, tattered stretchable black jeans, bucket bag and platform boots its like I’m ready on my dancing performance kinda look because of the checkered polo and what really made this polo look cool is the back design on it and made me realize that it’s really dope when this parking lot, the boxes magic audio system and my outfit combines = perfection. That really proved the quote ” when you don’t plan is the best plan” happy fashion fab people. 
Shoutout to my very best friends Jaira Gabales, Neliah Joy Sixto, Pamela Imperial for photograph me,FYI we are using phone only.

Halter top, stretchable pants, Checkered polo : Korean brand

Bucket bag : Double.M Milano

Boots : Rosewholesale 

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Velvet Green Dress 

It’s time to break out the velvet, from the last year season’s biggest trend and the fabric of Aw16. It’s still continuing to trend, velvet is one of the cosiest and the softest material that will keep us warm. 

This whole thing will not be completed with this green velvet dress from rosewholesale its the perfect style for me to elevate this look into comfy and feminine streetstyle look because same are prefer to wear like sexy and elegant look but I wanna show the different side to style this look. Mix a bit of Boudoir like white tshirt, rayban spec, adidas sneaker, bucket bag, forever21 rings and of course the velvet dress. Its super easy, its super cool and good to go!

Velvet Green Dress from Rosewholesale

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Photography by Karen Alexis Tan 

Styled, Edited and directed by yours truly 

Raffles Backless Dress 

Because prom is everywhere, Rosewholesale sent me this dress to showcase that there is so much to choose from. This dress might be common at first because of the plain & simplicity of the front but when it turns on the back “Boom” it has the backless cut that dramatically show my sexiness of my back and the raffles details that amazingly stylish its the perfect combo of innocent but in a wild and sexy look and I would totally recommend not only for the prom but for all occasions like Valentine’s Day 


Come and visit rosewholesale for all your fashion needs with affordable prize! Happy shopping! 

Dress Rosewholesale

Photography by Karen Alexis Tan

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TravelDiary: Sipalay city 

Lets start this year full of amazing and beautiful paradise that our Lord created. My excitement was full of so much plans when I heard that were going to sipalay. Decades ago, sipalay was known for its mining industry both for copper and gold, the city regained from its spectacular landscape and fine beaches and dubbed as the Jewel of the sugar island.
Day 1 

Campoquino bay Beach Resort

We arrived in the city at 11:30am time exactly for lunch. We found this super affordable bar and restaurant that you can buy the things that you need for your vacation, they also have “tents for rent ” it’s the perfect place for picnic and camping bringing you closer to Nature while sleeping on the white sand beach. Btw this place is wifi area! 

Tinagong Dagat Resort

After the delicious lunch, we decided to explore the beauty of this resort and I am sure this one is the most exciting part. This place is known for its foot bamboo and hanging bridge that connected the islet together after crossing the trekked hills you can see the whole island. They called it a hidden sea sprinkled with a dozen of islet covered with green trees a perfect place to meditate and appreciate god’s creation and yes the view left me speechless. For those who love to hike trails it’s the perfect place for you. 

Day 2 

La Veranda hotel and Baywalk 

This hotel was located at the city proper, we stayed over the night and woke up for a quick breakfast while I’m enjoying the view of the beautiful and clean public baywalk. I prepared myself to walked to the beach and saw some kids playing freezbie, the baywalk has refined sand and what I love about the most was the relaxing view of boracay like sunset facing beautifully. 

Sipalay city is the best taste of paradise and there are lots to offer for, from majestic mountains and magnificent beaches I will not surprise that one day this will be the next big thing destination of island Negros or the Philippines rather.

Location : Sipalay city Negros Occitendal Philippines 

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Photography by yours truly and to the help by my little sister

2 Kinds of Bomber Jackets – Rosewholesale┬á

I am thrilled to share to you guys this collaboration with Rosewholesale. They sent me some of the fashion hottest and trendy stuff, and to start these whole thing, I decided to do the separate blogs to my different outfits for there is another part 2 to see and 3 for another look, so that will focus on the main outfit. 

Today I’m gonna show you how to wear 2 kinds of bomber jacket 

1.Kylin Embroidery Raglan Sleeve Souvenir Jacket 



At first look, this is more edgy, chic and will flaunt how important the bomber jacket is, given my whole look a bit of futuristic vibe because of the metallic fabric that we all know is the last year and still continuing to trend this season. What really interesting about this bomber jacket is the embroidery of it that will define the unique details. 

2.Patch Design Zipper Pocket Rib 



For the second, I ensemble between military and grunge look, I love how this bomber jacket rocking and compliment my whole peg from the dark green color and patches tones down the badass vibe. Plus the effect of the rain that perfectly look cool. Must be every fashionista should have the bomber jacket because weather what look or style it will turn the best in every style. 

Platform Elastic Band Chunky Heel Ankle Boots 



Fashionable Letter Pattern Wide Edge Women’s Fedora Hat 



It won’t complete my 2 outfit without these two,

The booties was so comfortable that I can wear the entire week without getting pain, i like the style of this boots it’s plain and beautiful and I can wear this in so many outfit and also fedora hat that’s really cute because of the letter pattern.

I’m so happy with this collaboration experience with Rosewholesale, you can go to their site and shop. There are tons of so many fashion stuff and every  affordable cost from big size to teens and babies name it they have it all. 

Bomber Jackets | Boots | Fedora Hat  from Rosewholesale

Collaboration & Sopnsorship 


Photography by Karen Alexis Tan 

Dericted & styled by yours truly 

TravelDiary : Cebu City  

 A quick trip from the Queen City of the south Cebu city, it was my first time to step in the city so I really don’t know what’s Cebu look like in person thou I’ve seen so many pictures like their famous Sinulog festival, Historical Mactan cross & church & their beautiful white sand beaches. And it’s so different when you’ve experienced it with yourself than picture right?

When I arrived my eyes are totally amazed by their modern buildings and structures, It felt like I’m in the other country. When I passed to the south road properties and both side have the best view that you need to do the 360 degree in order to me to see the mountain and seaside scenery. When made me wowed is that they don’t forget to make their historical beautiful and preserved after all the modern development. All I did was took out my phone and snapped! I’m a little bit sad coz I don’t have much spare time to visit their white sand beaches, the reasons where tourists are frequently spend their vacations.

For my ootd location I Grabbed the opportunity to go to their newly open Sm Seaside mall, since we have limited time I don’t have the opportunity to change my outfit according to my plan. So my apologies guys if I’m wearing the same my green Italy bomber jacket, puma shirt, high waisted jeans, Ray ban and white sneaker. All in all my experience was amazing and Cebu city is indeed the best place to lived. And I’m looking forward to be back my 2nd,3rd and so on. Hope you guys like it. 

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Location: Cebu city

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Photography by my super supportive brother