Cafe Reptilya

While the typical dog and cat cafes are popular, this unique themed cafe offers a different style. This cafe is for those who are brave enough to be around of these animals; snakes and lizards. And I’m not just talking about a cute, small snake, but it’s really big, dude. Lol

You can drink your coffee, chill and interact with their snakes, (don’t worry they won’t bite and kill you if you’re afraid to die 😂) they assured you their snakes are safe. You just have to enjoy the food and ambiance of this cafe, I swear it’s really good. A must try!

Location : 2nd floor, Piazza Sorrento, Lacson st. Bacolod city

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Special thanks to Neliah Sixto

Photography by Seristy Bautista


Beauty Blog : featuring Shawill cosmetic & Forever21

First time in my blog that i finally introduce my new series which is ” The Beauty Blog ” this will talk about all the trend in makeup world, beauty world and so much more about beauty.

If you’re addicted on makeup or in love, gurl you know what this all about. Beauty guru’s from all over social media love this whole orange thing, this look won’t be perfect with matching dewy glow in a natural combination.

This two essential shawill primer, shawill concealer are definitely my fave. It says the perfect face primer and its true with pure primer makeup base it long lasting and making my skin soft and oil-free. And it’s the best combo when my concealer is the same brand I’m using with my primer, this hd high definition concealer will keep my uneven skin or pimple concealed. The best part is not that expensive because it is locally made, i can say that this can keep up with high end brand.

It wont be completed with this look without adding some earrings from forever21. This hoops earrings will absolutely the most wearable earrings of all time, the bigger the better! Hope you guys like my first series and i promise there is more coming up! Thankyou xoxo

Primer & Concealer : Shawill Cosmetics

Hoops Earrings: Forever21

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Photograph and directed by yours truly 💛

3rd Lookbook Series ” day to day outfit ” 

Hey guys finally im back! Sorry for not updating my blog due since from the month of January to June i presently occupied. So today my 2nd lookbook series is back and my day to day outfit will talk about, and when it comes to my usual routine on how i prepared my outfit it should be two things, it depends on my mood or inspired by someone that i admired. Here’s the 8 outfit that i definitely standout the most. 




The whole idea composed of some different pegs, inspiration and my mood of course, first is the exposed-socks. Im super addicted to this trend. I can play with it whether it basic to weird look it transform my outfit into new level. 2nd is bath-suit, this trend is everywhere you can see, from formal to casual its wearable plus i got featured to this look from 3rd, the athleisure look, i know that this is not the comfiest of all the looks, but if you like me trying to invent cool dope look i definitely recommend this to you. The last and the 4th is the romper suit with boho details i know it is familiar because i used this for collab with, but why not recycling it? I used it again for my beach resort gateway with my friends. This is the perfect outfit for walking into seaside and enjoying the best sunset view. Hope you guys like it, and see you for my next lookbook series xoxo 💛

Outfit Details 


Adidas, Nike & Brooklyn Shirt

Bath suit From Jaira Perception Closet 

Romper from


Vans, Nike Cortes All White, Adidas Stan Smith

Iconic Socks 


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Lookbook ✖️ H&M iconic sock

Iconic socks is so trend right now , that cuts the middle ground between minimalist and swag. So how exactly can i pull off this trend without looking like an overgrown woman in an elementary school? Here are my fave two outfit that defies one trend the ” Exposed-sock”.

These two outfit show of my playful side of my style, i like weird and making it unique. The solid red and black color that definitely stand out the whole outfit. When you know that is right and you love it, it can tie together a good outfit. Xoxo

Shirt from Adidas

Shoes from New Balance

Socks From H&M


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I’ve been talking since a week of this whole content over my social media like Instagram, About my Lookbook series. I made this whole concept to show my everyday look from day 1 and up to now details by details. It’s not uncommon for trends that the past to resurface in fact it’s the natural life of cycle of a trend.


Yas cords, definitely the fabric you thought you could only wear if you thought maths in highschool.


The comfort and ease of piecing together an outfit make owning a denim skirt a must. It’s about embracing the highschool tackiness.


This style is one that elevates your outfit.


Let your socks shine, wear this trend with your favorite basic outfit for maximum effect.

P.S Logo Tees Are Definitely Back, Baby

These are the looks that I’m obsessed lately, mix with old school that perfect time for feeling misunderstood and acting out in fit of fashion angst with as much color as possible and back to basics inspired by cool urban for classic simple, style pieces, great basic core wardrobe pieces. Style that work for every season.

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Happy fashion everyone ❤️


Hello October!! So here’s my latest blog, shots from little Baguio and summer capital of Negros Don Salvador Benedicto. May inspiration for this whole blog was my fave fashion blogger Kim Jones, if you saw kim’s IG and blog you will know why i like her so much. From her outfit and couture shot its unique and dreamy. I dunno know but every time she update her blog its like perfect.

This time i wanna make it weird but beautifully weird u know what i mean? I found this green jumpsuit at Sleeknchic Store. I like the top pleated details that perfectly fit on my bust and that wide legged crop that flawlessly good to make me taller I’m pairing black turtleneck shirt because why not? Plus some cutiee bohemian sandals. We shoot some of the best places of DSB like Mountain View, Igmaya-an where you can see a lot of pine trees and the famous tiger statue and so on. So hope you guys like it. Xoxo

Photography by karen Alexis Tan

Location Don Salvador Benedicto

Outfit From Sleeknchic

Collaboration & Sponsorship

Basic ✖️ Comeback

Hey fab people! Miss me? It’s been a while since i updated my blog. I am so sorry because i have to help my bff and support her all the way for her second store Sleeknchic i already mention in that on my past blog. Im so proud of what she achieved, and thankfully it was very successful from building till the opening of the store. Im happy fortunate that she’s happy and plus the heart warming feedback of people who dropped by and buyers thank you so much! If you’re in negros or near in bacolod you can visit us at Avenue Lasalle in front of jollibee

Yaaas! It’s my comeback! So here it is, this whole look is definitely to levelup your basic style. If you’re stalking your fave celeb or fashion icon you’ll know what i mean. The tee must be “the brighter the better” you can pair it with denim jacket or pants some trendy sunnies and accessories and you’re ready to go!! But for me this look reminds me of my fave singer Bebe Rexha lol, hope you guys love it! Tuned in for more outfit to post! Love you all!

Top from Old Navy Denim Jacket from Sleeknchic Sunnies from Ella BelitheShoes From Adidas My Social Media FacebookTwitter LookbookInstagram Collaboration & Sponsorship Chani.cb58@gmail.comPhotography by karen alexis tan


Last last month, Wetseal sent me this criss-cross white top. This top was definitely the big trend last year and still continuing until now. Let me tell you how i come up with this whole look. This time i wanna show my feminine side with the twist of a bit of showing skin, i love this hot criss-cross top details that suit my peg which is sexy it creates flattering, femenine lines and enhances whatever shape you have. paired with officially the comeback of skort, killer strap heels, tote bag from uniqlo and mu fave wrist watch from Anne Klein.
The whole total look which can pull with any occasion such as parties or even meet up with your enemy or your ex. Showing to them how perfectly look good you are. Always remember that we have all style we just need it to embrace it, love it and be confident with it. 


Top : Wetseal

Skort : Korean Brand

Bag : Uniqlo

Watch : Anne Klein

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Photography by my fave bff  Jaira Gabales 

Black Terno

I love terno sets as a change from dresses. Especially when I don’t have time to think about what to wear, I just go with this trend and literally save my whole day. I’m obsessing over this cut out terno with this pure silk fabric that perfectly suit to this hot weather so I don’t have to worry about sweating. The skirt on the waist to show some skin and the flare gently below the knee with subtle pleating. team up with black ankle strap heels, Anne Klein leather black wrist watch, ray ban glasses and Louie Vuitton bag. This whole look is definitely the simple piece that I ensembled, and I’m not surprise that this trend is one of the top of all trend, it’s easy to wear yet very chic and stylish, it made my afternoon better and I definitely recommend to try this to see for yourself! Happy fashion 
Terno from sleeknchic16

Bag from Louie Vuitton 

Spec from Rayban

Wrist Watch from Anne Klein

Anckle Heels Strap from Korean Brand 

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Photography by jaira gabales & nelia joy sixto  

Bambi Falls Adventure 

Last april we celebrated the birthday of my bff in the beautiful hidden paradise called “Bambi Falls”. Before we get to our destination, we went through a lot, but one thing that excites me was the habal-habal; it’s a single bike that can carry two person only because the road was tough, and that’s driver and the passenger. To be honest we are not the adventurous kind of people and we have no idea about the place or what the road looks like at all. We just saw the beautiful picture of the waterfalls on facebook so it’s definitely a whole new thing to us. We took 2 and a half hour ride and we even pass by such a dangerous risky and tricky roads, and it was like a liitle bumpy because rocks on the road are big. But the good thing is, you will be able to see the breathtaking view of the mountain, the green different tress and the smell of fresh air while riding. As we pass by some houses, we can see the simple and peaceful life of people, there was even no electricity or signal there but you can still see that people are contented with their lives even being away from the modern city.  After the hours of riding the habal-habal, we still need to walk, trek and climb the ladder to be able to reach the waterfall itself.

And to be able to witness the beautiful and amazing Bambi Falls. All we just said was “WOW”. We’re speechless at that time because of the rock formation that are really spectacular, and the clear blue water of the waterfalls flows freely, and the water was really cold that you could get your drinks chilled when you soak it. It was a perfect moment that all we ever did was take pictures until our phones are full. That life-risky, long and tiring adventure was all worth it! I definitely recommend this whole experience to those who loves to travel and who loves nature. This one is fit for you guys i swear it’s a must try. 

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