Man in skirt|#Maninskirt

Today’s fashion you can’t tell what clothes for female and male, because of what they said “Blur-lines” like female can wear male clothes, yeah. It’s obviously new especially for people who don’t really know about fashion, example for the shoes man can wear wedge,sandals now and also Duster shirt + leggings but they called it urban wear, like Hollywood celebrity rapper Kenya West,Wiskhalifa, Justine Bieber and so on. but the most talk about fashion trend for male is skirt. Man can wear skirt? like seriously? I’m not afraid to wear that because I used that since I’m a child. But for real man? I’m so doubt, So I research it, and it turned out European wear it already like French man and also the rapper/singer SnoopDog and I mention it already Kenya West, Wizkhalifa and the designer that I adore Marc Jacob and I think he’s the one who created it. And actually this trend was started 2013 and still it’s the rise of the man in skirt. I wear it so many times, but since my blog is just starting here is my #Maninskirt in fashionchani way, I’m so in loved with stripes now a days. I’m so happy that my wardrobe have that two in piece design the top and the skirt, because of that I make it simple on my accessories like I’m wearing round hat, leather bag,leather shoes to make it way simple and color coded but in a stylish way. So yeah that’s my #Maninskirt in fashionchani way, But I’m not saying that this is my last #Maninskirt because I love this new trend so maybe next time or soon. stay fabulous xoxo



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