hanging top

In the streets you saw a lot of trends people’s wearing.There’s bohemian,basic,feminine and urban, and today I’m showing you how to pull off the urban in a chic and wild way. First is the top, I’m choosing the black hanging shirt, Because of the hanging, It will show more my tummy to fit in my chic and wild way I am more on showing skin and also you can see these in so many girls now a days. for the bottom I choose the denim short because it will show more the curves and the sexiness of my legs, and denim never failed to match any different style like casual,formal and even party’s or whatsoever. then for the shoes, I choose sneaker this is the best pair with urban outfit not just urban, I think in any style, proof is you can see on street style from NYF,LFW,MFW and so on. and I’m adding the hat and the stripe bag to complete my urban in a chic and wild way. so yeah that’s it, hope you guys like it! stay fabulous xoxo


imageimage image


top: Eagle shirt

Denim short: Fun Authentic

bag: Gap

Shoes: Primadonna Sneakers

Hat: TNC


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