Rebel Chic Punk Princess

My feeds on Facebook,tumblr,Twitter and Instagram are all about NYFW 2016 fall collection because it’s now started from classy collection to elegant to chic and sometimes the weird one. but the one that got my attention is the collection of Marc Jacob, simply because he’s getting back the punk princess that you can see on his 2016 fall collection. the glamour of the black eyeshadow and black eyeliner the messy and undo hair, the hippie and the chic dresses, that’s what Marc Jacob standout and got my eye on it. So today I’m inspired by the punk princess thing, and making my own punk princess in fashionchaniway. Okay we all know punk is wearing and using all black from the makeup,outfit and so on. So because this is fashionchani way I’m making my own punk princess and adding the rebel chic so it’s called “rebel chic punk princess”. So first my makeup I’m using chocolate chip stay matte Clinique eyeshadow, Clinique eyeliner and Clinique masskara for my lips I’m using satin TWIG A55 by M.A.C cosmetic and this color is so popular on Pinterest, for my hair I’m copying off Miley Cyrus Twerk Hairdo and for my top I chose the black sleeveless with sequins on it. Because of the sequins its adding more glossy and a bit classy. for the bottom I’m wearing the high waisted denim short, I love this short, it’s stretchable and stylish. And to complete my rebel chic punk princess, I’m wearing black boots, that’s the most important accessories for the punk outfit.And to add the cuteness of my outfit I’m with my baby Armani he’s wearing black handkerchief with skull design to make my outfit. Urgh! he is so cutieee. So that’s it hope you guys like it. stay fabulous xoxo   


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