Off the duty look

 Perfect makeup, Perfect outfit and Perfect hairdo, will not today. and I think it’s time to have a break and meet some of my very best friends to hangout, Find some good place to eat,talk and laugh and don’t mind the clock running. So I’ve d decided to have a look that really comfortable and no worries weather if it’s raining or its sunny to suit my look. So I think #offthedutylook is the right look to wear today, I’m wearing Jamestreet company top, loving this color and the lace details on the neck below and then Zara high waist denim short, Mlb hat, Omega silver&gold watch, Zara bag with fringe design on it, and woody sandals. this look is perfect for skipping awhile your super #ootd look and do some barbecuing a picnic with friends in your backyard house. sounds good right! so yeah hope you guys like my #offthedutylook in fashionchani way. stay fabulous xoxo 💋



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