Masskara Festival 2015 | #masskarafriendshipgoals and tricks 

 Catching up with my Tf’s friends on chat because some of them they’re live in Manila,Cebu and Singapore, and the only communication that we have is social media, like Facebook,Instagram for daily updates on what is happening on our daily lives, and messenger and viber to talk with private conversation.Recently one of our friend from Singapore went home for vacation and its timing for Masskara Festival. So we planned on chat that all of my Tf’s friends will going home to Bacolod City, So that we’re complete for Masskara Festival events. so we got to have our #Masskarafriendshipgoals was to witness the Masskara Festival st. dance live. but sadly due to their job and school some are not allowed. but it’s ok there is another year, Since we’re two of us left. We continue and go for our goals to watch the st. dance, As we finally arrived on the st. you can feel the festivities in the bandaritas, the beat of the music and the excitement of people. And the most awaited of all, Had started first is you can see the giant puppet that made from collage student. the different characters from cartoons,heroes and some I don’t know. and it’s really add to the highlights of the event. then after that the Masskara st. dance that everyone’s waiting, the first that will noticed is their colorful and vibrant costume plus the music that synchronize to their dance and most of all the happy and very smiling mask that represent the city of smile. and all you can do is watching and mesmerize, truly one of the best festival in the Philippines. 
Fashionchani Tricks on how to watch Masskara Festival st. dance in an easy and fun way. 

1. Dress like you are a tourist or a travel/fashion blogger. As you can see I’m wearing white lace silk polo,white denim short,hat,leather sling bag,silver&gold watch,round shades and gladiator sandals I’m more of summer look so I’m not worry of the heat of the sun. and then my Tf’s friend/missfashionstylist wearing black top,ripped jeans,Lolita shades and Zara boots. she’s more of urban street style. We dressed up like that so everyone allow us to walk to the middle of st. so we don’t need to go to the the crowded places and omg! it’s effective! and also some unknown photographer capturing us during our walk. 

2. If you want to capture the perfect Masskara st. dance, you can see on my photos a lots of photographer right? but some of them are not photographer. they bring their dslr camera or gadget to disguise that they’re real photographer just to have the perfect Masskara st. dance photos. because they allowed it to capture on the middle of the st. while Masskara participant are dancing. 

So that’s it, that’s my #masskarafriendshipgoals plus tricks, So you should know what to do on the next Masskara Festival st. dance event. so hope you guys like it! and btw Tf’s stands for “True friends” and thankyou to my Tf’s/missfashionstylist and his boyfriend for the photos. and ohh she have a blog too check it out stay fabulous xoxo 



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