Art district 

I’m a Type of person that I will wear clothes wether if it’s for girl or for boy as long as I’m comfortable and happy with it. Today I’m trying the animal print long top by Jaira Gabales, this is one of the trendies of all clothes, and you may see this look on celebrity or a group of dancer like Gforce Angels but unlike on my top they wear it plain and flawy. and one of the reason why I like this top is because of the two slits on the right and left and maybe some girls don’t like it because it’s too revealing but for me it’s a must have style to try. I’m ready now for my catching up with my tf’s(true friends) because one of them is going back to Singapore and our place to meet is one of Bacolod city famous artistic place called art district. this place is completed with shop,cafe,restaurant and bars and also why I like this place because every colorful buildings has their own art wall and I’m showing you the different and beautiful unique art that you can picture for your perfect Instagram feeds. so hope you guys like it! stay fabulous xoxo 

   You will see this art wall behind merkado’s cafe  
   You will see this art wall in front of cafe’s joint. 
   This is not an art wall but it is an exhibit that you can watch painting,morals and more you will see this place in the second floor of art building.


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