Al Cinco De Noviembre

I remember when I was a child I woke up early with my family so that we can’t missed the parade on the plaza. the explosive sound of cannon made of bamboo and rolled amakan, and rifles carved out of wood and coconut fronds. they made these to scare the Spanish troops and surrendered the town. every November 5 they celebrate the braveness of the Heroes of Negros. and this highlight of celebration consist of program and giving the flower of the statue of Juan Araneta to give respect and thankful and after that the parade, where you can see the reenactment during the war and also in the afternoon they will have fancy drill where all the different school will compete for the championship. and because of that I’ve decided of my look to be simple, I’m wearing black with smooth fabric with the details of leather on my neck and left pocket I’m pairing with high waisted denim short, mlb hat and woody sandals. as you can see I’m more of black colour and basic style. hope you guys like it.      


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