Day 1 of my Nature Diary

 When I was a child I’ve always dream to travel not only in the Philippines but to the world. that moment where you’re  traveling and you’re sitting in the bus right beside of the window and you’re  going to the place that you’ve never been to, and all you need is to watch every beautiful view that your eyes can see. the happiness that you feel and the joy that comes in your heart is the priceless moment. so today it’s time to share my first travel here on my blog. this place is close to my heart because this is where My first swim attempt in the pool, first family outing, first to saw the spring and beautiful mountain there were so many firsts in this place back when I’m a child. this is now renovated but I’m proud to say that they preserved the nature. so I’m sharing you guys some of the beautiful view that I captured on my camera of my day 1 nature adventure.  hope you guys like it.💋





















  1. Floral  Bathrobe : Intimate Pleasure 
  2. Inner top : Atmosphere 
  3. High Waist : Zara
  4. Sandals : Woody
  5. Resort : Beunos Airies Mountain Resort 

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