Casual into Streetsyle 

Casual is more easy way to wear. Shirt,jeans and thats it. But don’t you think that it is time to level up your casual look into street style? Here is how I level up my casual look today. Wearing this bohemian shirt paired with ripped jeans, These two are the top list to be look cool and stylish. I love wearing bohemian not because of the popularity of the style but the artistic print on it. I know everyone can’t wear ripped jeans because it looks like a rag some people said, but if you really love fashion, what you see on the jeans is more of art and style. And also I paired with black sneaker shoes to match the black print on my shirt and red bag to highlight my whole outfit. 💋 


  • White Itarkiard top
  • Jenifer jeans
  • Bag by Korean brand 
  • Timed watch
  • Rayban shades 
  • Primadonna sneaker

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