Babaylan Festival and Saffron Brew cafe | #bffgoals

Our plan is to go early on the festival street so we can watch and capture the unique and awesome festival street dance, but we end up late because of what we called makeup and what to wear to look good, anyways, So as we were there all the participants of Babaylan festival are resting because of their tiring street dance performance, so we decide to capture all the props and anything that we can see related to the Babaylan festival, then go to the second plan which is the Buddhism coffee shop, name Saffron Brew Cafe. Aside from coffee, you can also find artifacts and authentic displays from various Buddhist countries such as Combodia,Tihet,Thailand,Sri Lanka,India, Vietnam and Nepal where you can find a hundred years old water pots and jobs, brass Buddha statues displayed around the corner. the ambience was so relaxing while we’re enjoying our delicious food for a very affordable costs.    

Saffron Brew Cafe







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