Kinda obssesed with stripes these past few days, and today I’m so happy to wear the style which I really love the most, the streetstyle. I know this look may seem familiar and common because I’ve seen a lot of boys-next-door wearing this and they somewhat call it long shirt or duster shirt. So since I love being unique and definitely want to be unique, I combined one of the trends for girls which is the side slits. Yes I did the cut on the left side of the shirt and I sew it myself. I’m so happy and fulfilled with the outcome of the combination that I made. It looks very stylish and very chic, yet a bit of strong vibes. Kudos to the white sneaker that proved you can wear it whatever style you want. Try this style now. Look great by picking one that works with your body type. hope you guys like it! xoxo    



| Outfit details |

shirt : QIONGLONGYIPAI Korean brand 

bag: Chanel

white sneaker : chuck Taylor 


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