I’m totally the luckiest person in the world because of my friends who really supports me everytime. They inspire me to do my best and motivates me to never give up on what I really dream of. There were so many of them who helped me collaborate, come up with styles and took a photo of me. This jumpsuit is really cool because of its smooth and glossy fabric so I won’t sweat. The cut perfectly fits me. It’s really the best jumpsuit to wear this summer; the simple, the better. You don’t need too much accesories to look stylish. The outfit, location, background and perfectly shot photos won’t be good as it is without them. Thank you Jaira Gabales for always letting me wear your wardrobe and for styling me if something doesn’t look good. To Nelia Joy Sixto for always checking my captions on my blog, and to Karen Alexis Malaga Tan a.k.a Missfashionstylist for taking my awesome photos. You can also visit her blog at Missfashionstylist.wordpress.com. Thank you so much girls for always being so supportive. Thank you for letting me come out of my comfort zone and encouraging me that I can do more. This wouldn’t be possible without your help. The best squad goals I could ever ask for.  

Styled by : Jaira Gabales 

Shot by: Karen Alexis Tan/ Missfashionstylist

Email: Seristyrizz@gmail.com 


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