Coachella Birthday Party

A friend of mine celebrated her birthday and she wanted the Coachella theme. And because we’re obsessed of that festival, we planned all the stuff to make this happen. We are wearing white bohemian, basic, printed and lace. And what I really loved the most is we matched the colors white and black so it’s more pleasing to the eye aside from its simple look and is somehow the perfect #Coachellafriendshipgoals. The captivating scenery of the place helped highlight our amazing photos. We bond, we laughed, we had fun; surely, for keeps forever. Again, Happy Birthday k.t.

|| P L A C E ||

May’s Organic & Restaurant is located at Sitio Aning, Brgy. Pahanocoy, Bacolod City. It is through the effort of RU Founding & Eco Agri Foundation to showcase organic products and other organic farming technologies. With the clean greeny place, tempting, tasty and organic foods, the sceneries of the place with an artistic touch that made it more beautiful, it is indeed one of the perfect place for instagrammer and millenials.


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