One-piece swimsuit story

The best feeling in the world is when your parents accepts you wholeheartedly no matter what your gender is. They let you be who you are, let you dress whatever style you make out of your outfit, and most especially, be the best that you can be. I’m am so blessed because not all bisexual, gays or lesbians are being accepted by their parents. They’re also afraid to come out of their shell because of the society that discriminates us because of who we are. But now society, for a long time, have finally accepted LGBT’s, some has been given the same rights already, fair judgement, and we are being loved all over the world because of our talents. Generation have somehow accepted us and believed that we are humans too that needs respect and not being discriminated. So to my fellow LGBT’s, be yourself, come out of your shell, be who you are. Some may judge you, but believe me, there’s always going to be people who’ll love and fight for you. Just like me, I have my friends and family who’s very supportive in whatever I do. I know it’s not gonna be easy, but it’s gonna be worth it. It’s just how you touch and influence people to be the best that they can be, wear anything that your heart and passion desire as long as in makes you a better person. Go live the life that you want it to be as long as you don’t hurt other people. Live your life to the fullest because we only live once. 
So today, I’m gonna share my first one-piece swimsuit to inspire people to wear whatever you want because it is indeed the best feeling, happiness is over-flowing. 💋

Photographed by Karen Alexis Tan | Missfashionstylist 

||Social Media|| : Christianbautista/lookbooknu 

Instagram: @Fashionchani

||Collaboration ||



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