90’s-cool without going old school 

Fashion that was considered cool in the 90’s is cool once again. Designer such as Marc Jacob and Alexander McQueen pioneered grunge and took inspiration from the gritty streets. And here’s how I look 90’s cool without going old-school. 

1.Choker- chokers wee the accessory of choice in the 90’s, now chokers often rest at the base of your neck instead of on your throat.

2. High-waisted denim- back then it was all about wearing those high tight jeans with a tight, usually cropped top but these days the look’s is a bit relaxed.

3. Baby tees – back in the 90’s it was all about showing of your stomach with low cut jeans and high cut top,but nowdays wearing a tiny we doesn’t necessarily have to mean flashing your belly buttom.

4. Flat form shoes- sneaker wedges may have had their moment, but now a new comfy pumped up kick here to rule this summer the ugly shoe trend is getting a lift and a major way.

The saying “what goes around comes around” may be intended to discribe karma but it also works perfectly to discribe the cycle of fashion. Hope you guys like my 90’s inspired look. Happy fashion💋

Outfit details

Top by LYNN.HOLLYN west coast

Pants by Zara

Flat form shoes by Korean brand 

Instagram @fashionchani


Email chani.cb58@gmail.com


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