Denim Cropped Pants/ Diy tips 

The reason why you should keep your old denim jeans is because you’ll never know it will trend again. Just like what I’m wearing. This denim cropped pants is now the latest trend and is continuing to trend. This cropped pants is more of a loose pants. How to make a DIY denim cropped pants? I’ll show you how. First and foremost, cut the pants little above your ankle. Second, scratch the edge of the pants that you cut to look like a fringe. Third, it’s up to you if you want to add some style just like what I did. I added a little ripped to both leg. It’s easy, right? Now you don’t have to buy that expensive cropped pants. You just have to bring out that creativity in you.

My whole look is basically composed of the stretchable off shoulder black top by morning, white flower by fetish couture, white bag by Tory Burch, white sneaker, and of course denim cropped pants by Novo. The overall look tends to be quite trendy. I encourage you to try this trendy and playful vibe. Happy Fashion 💋

Photographed by Karen Alexis Tan/Missfashionstylist 

IG: @fashionchani

Lookbook: lookbooknu/christianbautista



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