Square Pants 

Summer is kinda over here in the Philippines, but the weather’s a bit confusing at times because one day it will be so sunny in the morning then we would experience heavy rain in the afternoon or vice-versa. I was just lucky enough that when we took the photoshoot, it was sunny all day, so my outfit really matched with the weather. This look is so easy to wear especially if you don’t have any idea what to wear or you’re just too lazy to think. You just need to pair it with your plain, basic tee or alter top with your favorite sandals, just like what i did. So far, i think this is one of the easy look that i’ve done. What i really love about square pants is that it’s not just trendy, but it’s also comfortable at the same time with it’s flawy fabric that made it more feminine, chic and carefree look. The pastel color also made it eye-catching and appealing. You don’t need to wear too much accesories and make up. You just need to let your outfit make the noise. 👌🏻👌🏻

Photographed by Karen Alexis Tan / Missfashionstylist.wordpress.com

Location: Bacolod/Philippines 

IG: @fashiochani


Email: chani.cb58@gmail.com 


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