Athleisure trend/ back-to-school tips 

It’s back-to-school season again, and as another school year begins for kids of all ages, they might find it challenging because during the long break, kids are used to sleeping late and with a lot less scheduling. Students are also happy to go back to school to be with their friends whose company they have missed for a long time. Schools also have their civilian days which students with good fashion sense are looking forward to every week. I’ve experienced that too. Of course we wanna look beautiful and cool in school to get good impression. So here’s my tips to wear civilian days. I always prefer the streetstyle look because it’s easy to style and you can actually mix whatever you like, well it’s your choice. That’s the reason why it’s definitely one of my fave and signature look. However, this time let me show you the athleisure trend that you can try during your civilian days. All you need is just a mix of activewear like what I did; top and shoes by Nike, baseball cap by MLB and stretchable pants. Aside from that, you may also wear hoodie, oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants for this rainy season. It’s obviously the perfect gym-to-street look and you can now clash your sporty and casual pieces for looks beyond the gym.

Photography  by karenalexistan/Missfashionstylist 

IG: Fashionchani

LB: Christianbautista 



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