Short Hair Don’t Care 

For those who asking me about why I cut my hair? Here’s a little explanation WHY? 

If you follow me on my social media account you may see a lot of my photos that I love coloring my hair. So this year I can’t count how many times I’ve bleached my hair, I did platinum, mermaid hair to ombré and so on. I really don’t mind what others say about coloring my hair or what the cause after that, all I think that time was I want it more different colors and by that more bleaching. Months have passed and my hair was getting dry and dryer that I can’t comb my hair if I don’t put conditioner. This Month My closest friends pushed me and told that I need badly to cut my hair due to sever dryness of my hair, and coincidentally this short hair trend is buzzing the Internet and a lot of celebrities does the hairstyle trend. This is the sign that I’ve been waiting for. So I cut, my friends and family told to me that it suits me. I’m glad that it’s really worth the wait to cut my hair because not only it can help back my natural hair it also the trend hairstyle of the season. YAS! Happy fashion 💋

Bralette by Frederick’s Hollywood 

Makeup by Mac Cosmetics 

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Collaboration & Sponsorship

Photography by yours truly 


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