TravelDiary : Cebu City  

 A quick trip from the Queen City of the south Cebu city, it was my first time to step in the city so I really don’t know what’s Cebu look like in person thou I’ve seen so many pictures like their famous Sinulog festival, Historical Mactan cross & church & their beautiful white sand beaches. And it’s so different when you’ve experienced it with yourself than picture right?

When I arrived my eyes are totally amazed by their modern buildings and structures, It felt like I’m in the other country. When I passed to the south road properties and both side have the best view that you need to do the 360 degree in order to me to see the mountain and seaside scenery. When made me wowed is that they don’t forget to make their historical beautiful and preserved after all the modern development. All I did was took out my phone and snapped! I’m a little bit sad coz I don’t have much spare time to visit their white sand beaches, the reasons where tourists are frequently spend their vacations.

For my ootd location I Grabbed the opportunity to go to their newly open Sm Seaside mall, since we have limited time I don’t have the opportunity to change my outfit according to my plan. So my apologies guys if I’m wearing the same my green Italy bomber jacket, puma shirt, high waisted jeans, Ray ban and white sneaker. All in all my experience was amazing and Cebu city is indeed the best place to lived. And I’m looking forward to be back my 2nd,3rd and so on. Hope you guys like it. 

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Location: Cebu city

Collaboration & Sponsorship

Photography by my super supportive brother 


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