TravelDiary: Sipalay city 

Lets start this year full of amazing and beautiful paradise that our Lord created. My excitement was full of so much plans when I heard that were going to sipalay. Decades ago, sipalay was known for its mining industry both for copper and gold, the city regained from its spectacular landscape and fine beaches and dubbed as the Jewel of the sugar island.
Day 1 

Campoquino bay Beach Resort

We arrived in the city at 11:30am time exactly for lunch. We found this super affordable bar and restaurant that you can buy the things that you need for your vacation, they also have “tents for rent ” it’s the perfect place for picnic and camping bringing you closer to Nature while sleeping on the white sand beach. Btw this place is wifi area! 

Tinagong Dagat Resort

After the delicious lunch, we decided to explore the beauty of this resort and I am sure this one is the most exciting part. This place is known for its foot bamboo and hanging bridge that connected the islet together after crossing the trekked hills you can see the whole island. They called it a hidden sea sprinkled with a dozen of islet covered with green trees a perfect place to meditate and appreciate god’s creation and yes the view left me speechless. For those who love to hike trails it’s the perfect place for you. 

Day 2 

La Veranda hotel and Baywalk 

This hotel was located at the city proper, we stayed over the night and woke up for a quick breakfast while I’m enjoying the view of the beautiful and clean public baywalk. I prepared myself to walked to the beach and saw some kids playing freezbie, the baywalk has refined sand and what I love about the most was the relaxing view of boracay like sunset facing beautifully. 

Sipalay city is the best taste of paradise and there are lots to offer for, from majestic mountains and magnificent beaches I will not surprise that one day this will be the next big thing destination of island Negros or the Philippines rather.

Location : Sipalay city Negros Occitendal Philippines 

Collaboration and Sponsorship

Photography by yours truly and to the help by my little sister


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