Parking lot Shenanigans 

Strolling around bacolod city to get along with my friends and suddenly our eyes caught by these super cool undone setup stage scattered everywhere and got the chance to why not try this to my next blog. funny because it’s not like I wanted to be and its far from what I planned for this whole blog.


My whole look is definitely the comeback of plaid and checkered I’m pairing it with grey halter top, tattered stretchable black jeans, bucket bag and platform boots its like I’m ready on my dancing performance kinda look because of the checkered polo and what really made this polo look cool is the back design on it and made me realize that it’s really dope when this parking lot, the boxes magic audio system and my outfit combines = perfection. That really proved the quote ” when you don’t plan is the best plan” happy fashion fab people. 
Shoutout to my very best friends Jaira Gabales, Neliah Joy Sixto, Pamela Imperial for photograph me,FYI we are using phone only.

Halter top, stretchable pants, Checkered polo : Korean brand

Bucket bag : Double.M Milano

Boots : Rosewholesale 

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