Tinago Falls featuring Speedo 

A holy week gate away means time to relax, chill and filming my very first yt channel. We trekked, we did mountain climbing and pass by so many rough and bumpy road before we get to our destination. I’m in love with this place coz its greenery, peaceful, you can get fresh air and enjoy the amazing waterfalls. 

This look is more of fresh nature/ sporty look. I wanted to create something new and come up with this one-piece swimsuit by Speedo. Thing first that i love this swimsuit is the red vibrant color with the mix of black. The details of the back that really caught my eyes was the sexy cut but not too reveling, you know what i mean? So i highly recommend this swimsuit to those who are too shy to bare their skin but keeping you stylish. Im happy with this look to match the nature vibe of this place. Happy summer everyone! ”
Swimsuit  from Speedo

Sunnies from Sunnies

Shoes from Adidas

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Special thanks to Ruthkye, Pamela, and Nelia Joy for helping me with this blog and filming my first youtube channel 

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