Bambi Falls Adventure 

Last april we celebrated the birthday of my bff in the beautiful hidden paradise called “Bambi Falls”. Before we get to our destination, we went through a lot, but one thing that excites me was the habal-habal; it’s a single bike that can carry two person only because the road was tough, and that’s driver and the passenger. To be honest we are not the adventurous kind of people and we have no idea about the place or what the road looks like at all. We just saw the beautiful picture of the waterfalls on facebook so it’s definitely a whole new thing to us. We took 2 and a half hour ride and we even pass by such a dangerous risky and tricky roads, and it was like a liitle bumpy because rocks on the road are big. But the good thing is, you will be able to see the breathtaking view of the mountain, the green different tress and the smell of fresh air while riding. As we pass by some houses, we can see the simple and peaceful life of people, there was even no electricity or signal there but you can still see that people are contented with their lives even being away from the modern city.  After the hours of riding the habal-habal, we still need to walk, trek and climb the ladder to be able to reach the waterfall itself.

And to be able to witness the beautiful and amazing Bambi Falls. All we just said was “WOW”. We’re speechless at that time because of the rock formation that are really spectacular, and the clear blue water of the waterfalls flows freely, and the water was really cold that you could get your drinks chilled when you soak it. It was a perfect moment that all we ever did was take pictures until our phones are full. That life-risky, long and tiring adventure was all worth it! I definitely recommend this whole experience to those who loves to travel and who loves nature. This one is fit for you guys i swear it’s a must try. 

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