Hello October!! So here’s my latest blog, shots from little Baguio and summer capital of Negros Don Salvador Benedicto. May inspiration for this whole blog was my fave fashion blogger Kim Jones, if you saw kim’s IG and blog you will know why i like her so much. From her outfit and couture shot its unique and dreamy. I dunno know but every time she update her blog its like perfect.

This time i wanna make it weird but beautifully weird u know what i mean? I found this green jumpsuit at Sleeknchic Store. I like the top pleated details that perfectly fit on my bust and that wide legged crop that flawlessly good to make me taller I’m pairing black turtleneck shirt because why not? Plus some cutiee bohemian sandals. We shoot some of the best places of DSB like Mountain View, Igmaya-an where you can see a lot of pine trees and the famous tiger statue and so on. So hope you guys like it. Xoxo

Photography by karen Alexis Tan

Location Don Salvador Benedicto

Outfit From Sleeknchic

Collaboration & Sponsorship



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