I’ve been talking since a week of this whole content over my social media like Instagram, About my Lookbook series. I made this whole concept to show my everyday look from day 1 and up to now details by details. It’s not uncommon for trends that the past to resurface in fact it’s the natural life of cycle of a trend.


Yas cords, definitely the fabric you thought you could only wear if you thought maths in highschool.


The comfort and ease of piecing together an outfit make owning a denim skirt a must. It’s about embracing the highschool tackiness.


This style is one that elevates your outfit.


Let your socks shine, wear this trend with your favorite basic outfit for maximum effect.

P.S Logo Tees Are Definitely Back, Baby

These are the looks that I’m obsessed lately, mix with old school that perfect time for feeling misunderstood and acting out in fit of fashion angst with as much color as possible and back to basics inspired by cool urban for classic simple, style pieces, great basic core wardrobe pieces. Style that work for every season.

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Happy fashion everyone ❤️


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