3rd Lookbook Series ” day to day outfit ” 

Hey guys finally im back! Sorry for not updating my blog due since from the month of January to June i presently occupied. So today my 2nd lookbook series is back and my day to day outfit will talk about, and when it comes to my usual routine on how i prepared my outfit it should be two things, it depends on my mood or inspired by someone that i admired. Here’s the 8 outfit that i definitely standout the most. 




The whole idea composed of some different pegs, inspiration and my mood of course, first is the exposed-socks. Im super addicted to this trend. I can play with it whether it basic to weird look it transform my outfit into new level. 2nd is bath-suit, this trend is everywhere you can see, from formal to casual its wearable plus i got featured to this look from lookvine.com. 3rd, the athleisure look, i know that this is not the comfiest of all the looks, but if you like me trying to invent cool dope look i definitely recommend this to you. The last and the 4th is the romper suit with boho details i know it is familiar because i used this for collab with rosewholesale.com, but why not recycling it? I used it again for my beach resort gateway with my friends. This is the perfect outfit for walking into seaside and enjoying the best sunset view. Hope you guys like it, and see you for my next lookbook series xoxo 💛

Outfit Details 


Adidas, Nike & Brooklyn Shirt

Bath suit From Jaira Perception Closet 

Romper from Rosewholesale.com


Vans, Nike Cortes All White, Adidas Stan Smith

Iconic Socks 


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